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SU 20 Festival Film | Surly Brewing Shorts Program

  • Surly Brewing 520 Malcolm Avenue Southeast Minneapolis, MN, 55414 United States (map)

Screening date: Sat. November 16, 2019
Time: 11:00 AM
Venue: Surly Brewing
Cost: FREE
Run Time: 78 min

We present this FREE Short Film and Music Video Screening with local and visiting filmmakers on hand for a Q & A following the screening. The program will run around 75 minutes with a Q & A to follow.


Film Title: WOMXN
Director: Adrian Gystere Peskine
Run Time/Year/Country: 5 min, 2018, France
Synopsis: Jane Dark lives and studies in the Noir-Et-Cher. Whenever her community is harassed by Europe Normale Police. She turns into the super shero WOMXN helped by her mate: a womanoïd Dolphin in a spaceship called the KORA Mother.

Film Title: Broncho - Big City Boys
Director: Richard Farmer
Run Time/Year/Country: 4 min, 2018, USA
Synopsis: When Ponygirl is tempted by the Fashionistas to join their gang, she returns to the Rockers only to have caused the two gangs to have a Rumble. - inspired by "The Outsiders" -a visual love letter to the film and music video history of on-screen 'rumbles,' including Michael Jackson’s 'Beat It,' 'West Side Story,' 'The Warriors,' and 'Rumble Fish.'”

Film Title: Radio Voorwaarts
Director: Richard Farmer
Run Time/Year/Country: 20 min, 2018, Netherlands
Synopsis: Threatened with eviction from their alternative community, an ensemble of misfits give one last party to simultaneously mourn and celebrate the end of their beloved space.

Film Title: Nico Cartosio - Cocaine March
Director: Ilya Belov
Run Time/Year/Country: 4 min, 2019, Russian Federation
Synopsis: Those who can name themselves artists – musicians, writers, will understand what I’m talking about in that composition

Film Title: Nico Cartosio - Christmas On The Moon
Director: Lado Katvaniya
Run Time/Year/Country: 7 min, 2019, Russian Federation
Synopsis: Christmas is such a joyous time. But haven’t you ever happened to feel unbearingly sad on this night?

Film Title: Nico Cartosio - Snow Above The Earth
Director: Ilya Belov
Run Time/Year/Country: 8 min, 2019, Russian Federation
Synopsis: There are children who come to this world to give us music. But wars and diseases take them away before their time. This is a requiem for their tunes never played.

Film Title: Daniel Laurent - Outside
Director: Jeffrey Palmer
Run Time/Year/Country: 4 min, 2019, USA
Synopsis: Touching on salient themes of gun violence, psychological trauma, and racial identity, OUTSIDE is a “nightmarish mirror reflecting our troubled times.” Fueled by powerful lyrics, provocative imagery, a meaningful message, and a hopeful ending, OUTSIDE will stir emotions and light a fire within. We must break the seemingly endless cycle of gun violence in our society. The power of music is one way to make this happen. Please join us in our campaign to promote and foster a positive and uplifting environment for today's urban youth. They are our future. Lead by example. Let's go.

Film Title: Kiss Me Malibu
Director: Mikel Arraiz
Run Time/Year/Country: 4 min, 2019, Spain
Synopsis: Horror-comedy film about the insecurities and overthinking that TV shows, religion, culture and belief systems create in us during male-female relationships and in courtship. It makes fun of us and the roles we take in that process, without making any moral judgements. The story is narrated through a song.

Film Title: Music For Free
Director: Keenan Desplanques, Ben Weaver
Run Time/Year/Country: 20 min, 2019, USA
Synopsis: In the summer of 2018, musician and poet Ben Weaver and filmmaker Keenan DesPlanques pedaled the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, 3,000 miles from Banff, Alberta, Canada to Antelope Wells, New Mexico for the Music For Free tour. Ben and Keenan rode self-supported with instruments and camera gear, stopping along the route for 16 scheduled performances, but adding in shows as the opportunities spontaneously presented themselves. Their film, Music For Free, is a beautiful journey down the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, exploring wilderness, what it means to be wild, and examining the common denominators that unify all humans who share this planet.

Music For Free Trailer