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SU 20 Festival Film | Documentary Shorts

  • Bryant Lake Bowl 810 West Lake Street Minneapolis, MN, 55408 United States (map)

Screening date: Wed. November 13, 2019
Time: 9:30 PM
Venue: Bryant Lake Bowl
Cost: FREE
Run Time: 73 min


Film Title: Cullen’s Ticket To Ride
Director: Justin Atkinson
Run Time/Year/Country: 9 min, 2018, USA
Synopsis: Cottage Grove resident Cullen Kiely was just nine years old when he attended his first concert: The Beatles in Minnesota! Little did he know how seeing the band at the height of Beatlemania would make an extraordinary impact on his life.

Film Title: The Music Sounds Better with Whom: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Music Experience
Director: Chasson Gracie
Run Time/Year/Country: 19 min, 2019, Canada, Japan & United States
Synopsis: As artificial intelligence continues to impact our human lives, a question still remains: How will artificial intelligence impact one of the most human things on earth? Music.

Film Title: Instruments in the Architecture: Building The Pianodrome
Director: Will Hewitt, Austen McCowan
Run Time/Year/Country: 13 min, 2019, UK
Synopsis: Pianos are being thrown away at a tremendous rate – hauled away, set on fire and their valuable heavy metal sold for scrap. Tim, Leon and their team of inspired artists, musicians and volunteers have reclaimed these unloved instruments to build the world’s first 100-seater amphitheatree made entirely from up-cycled pianos.

Film Title:Voyage Into The Well-Tempered Clavier
Director: George Lepauw
Run Time/Year/Country: 32 min, 2019, USA
Synopsis: Franco-American concert pianist George Lepauw embarks on a journey through Germany's central regions of Thuringia and Saxony in hopes of better understanding the man behind the name “Bach”, before making a recording of the famous composer’s “Well-Tempered Clavier”. This masterwork, which Bach first imagined in a prison cell in Weimar three hundred years ago, is the central focus of this adventure, and this adventure allows George to finally feel ready to record this five-hour epic, and through this experience, to find his own humanity.