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SU 19 Festival Film | Short Film Showcase

  • Bryant Lake Bowl 810 West Lake Street Minneapolis, MN, 55408 United States (map)

Screening date: Sun. November 18, 2018
Time: 5:15 PM
Venue: Bryant Lake Bowl
Cost: $12 in advance / $14 at the door
Run Time: 82 min

Sponsored by Bryant Lake Bowl, FilmNorth, Cine-O-Matic

Some filmmakers in attendance


Gaelynn Lea - The Songs We Sing

After winning NPR's Tiny Desk Contest, Duluth violinist and disability rights advocate Gaelynn Lea navigates the twists and turns of the road as she embarks on a career as a full-time performer.

Dir. Mark Brown, 2017, USA, 11 min

Feed The Wolf

Bemidji Minnesota, the first city on the Mississippi river. With it’s indigenous roots, Bemidji, Ojibwe for "a lake with crossing waters," is truly at a cross road; one of harmony or a road of division. Using spoken word as the driving force, Feed the Wolf is a visual poem based on the past, present and future of the city of Bemidji using the analogy of the wolf.

Dir. Jason Ewert, 2017, USA, 4 min

JONES - St. James Infirmary (World Premiere)

Old animation and new collide in this music video that uses 85 year old animation to draw parallels to a song that has been recorded thousands of times.

Dir. Nick Rush & Martinez EB, 2018, USA, 5 min

Hannah von der Hoff - Time Machine (World Premiere)

Music video for the single “Time Machine,” written and performed by Hannah von der Hoff.

Dir. Hannah von der Hoff & Paul Moehring, 2018, Mexico & USA, 5 min

Jawjaw - Survive This (MN Premiere)

John, a man in his 50s, is ravaged by a gruesome mutation affecting much of his upper body. After waking to find it has grown drastically and painfully overnight, and believing it to be terminal, he decides to end his life and die on his own terms. Inspired by real accounts, Survive This is a powerfully moving and uncompromising depiction of assisted suicide, exploring themes of love, mercy, dignity and mortality.

Dir. Ian Roderick Gray, 2018, United Kingdom, 6 min

AERSA (Midwest Premiere)

Two distant alien civilizations are facing extinction. Each possesses an element capable of dramatic transformation which could potentially save both worlds. Two representatives, Aersa and Okori, cross time and space to meet.

Dir. Aaron Alden, 2018, Italy & United States, 10 min

I See Through You (Midwest Premiere)

A dreamy, musical landscape hides mysterious secrets beneath the surface.

Dir. Lael Rogers, 2018, United States, 5 min

The Tambo Rays - Wrong Turn (MN Premiere)

A woman must decide whether she wants to continue on her current path of destruction, or take a chance and create a new life of opportunity.

Dir. Derrek Horn, 2018, United States, 6 min

Katie Garibaldi - Unhappy Holiday (MN Premiere)

Though we generally associate the holidays with merry and bright feelings, let’s face it, a Christmas of blue is certainly familiar to us all, and singer/songwriter Katie Garibaldi does a masterful job conveying a tears-in-your-beer holiday scenario with her new song and music video “Unhappy Holiday.” The video, shot in Nashville, TN, harkens back to the classic honky tonk, whiskey drinking, and live music playing Music City, and the vintage country aesthetic suits the classic country sound of the tune perfectly.

Dir. Anna Haas, 2018, United States, 5 min

The Velvet Underground Played At My High School (Twin Cities Premiere)

This animated documentary is the story of the Velvet Underground's disastrous first public performance. While on stage for merely 20 minutes, The Velvet Underground performed three songs: “There She Goes,” “Venus in Furs,” and 'Heroin.”

Dir. Tony Jannelli & Robert Pietri, 2018, United States, 8 min

I Am No Bird

Samer Saem El Dahr is an electronic musician from Aleppo navigating his new life in America. He launched his music career as a Syrian exile in Beirut, pioneering a genre of electronic dance music he calls “electro-tarab”. Utilizing traditional Arabic musical techniques and samples, it marks the first true original production of Arabic EDM. After immigrating to Minnesota, he takes on his most ambitious album yet, Toyour. Arabic for “birds”, it explores the theme of borders and freedom of travel. Toyour meets the reality of politics when the Trump administration’s travel ban forces Samer, a green card holder, to cancel international shows and puts into question the upcoming release of his album in Beirut.

Dir. Andrew Cagle, 2018, United States, 20 min