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SU17 Festival Shorts Program

  • Bryant Lake Bowl 810 West Lake Street Minneapolis, MN, 55408 United States (map)

Sound Unseen is proud to present the Shorts Program featuring World & MN Premieres of short films. These films are an official selection for the 17th Annual Sound Unseen Film + Music Festival. 

Screening date: Sun. November 13, 2016
Time: 2:00 PM
Venue: Bryant Lake Bowl Theater
Cost: $10.00 in advance / $12 at the door
Category: MN Premiere, World Premiere, Shorts Program
Run Time/Year/Country: 92 min, 2016, United Kingdom & United States

Shorts Program

This year's shorts program is anchored by three longer shorts and supported by an eclectic mix of music videos that run the gamut from hardcore punk to dance to indie rock and everything in between. The centerpiece film is the world premiere of "Music By The Pound" about Crown Records, the early home of BB King, Etta James, and Vic Damone among others. Visiting filmmakers will be in attendance and available for Q & A after the screening.

Film Title: Matt Pond PA - Take Me With You / Emptiness
Director: Jason Kupfer
Run Time/Year/Country: 8:45 min, 2016, United States, MN Premiere
Synopsis: A serialized 2-part Music video for Matt Pond PA. Stolen limos, miniature horses, scary dinosaurs, and towering airstreams breadcumb the band on a mysterious journey into a deserted town where it seems they may have already been expected.

- - - 

Film Title: C.T.R.L.
Director: Mariana Conde
Run Time/Year/Country: 3:25 min, 2016, United Kingdom, MN Premiere
Synopsis: A young man's attempt at a first contact with a love interest is hijacked in a most entertaining way.

- - -

Film Title: The Middle Class - Out of Vogue
Director: Gavin Hill
Run Time/Year/Country: 1:40 min, 2016, United States, MN Premiere
Synopsis: Debuting their seven-inch EP “Out of Vogue” in 1979, Santa Ana California’s 'Middle Class' are considered by many to be one of the inspirational blueprints for the Hardcore scene that gave rise to Bad Brains, Black Flag and a generation of punk. Now, thirty-six years after its release, a video for the title track from their seminal EP is being released, commemorating the bands’ guitarist Mike Atta on the anniversary of his passing.

- - -

Film Title: The Memories Station
Director: Derek Frank
Run Time/Year/Country: 16:52 min, 2016, United States, MN Premiere
Synopsis: A short portrait of Boston radio legend Bob Bittner, who alt-weekly The Boston Phoenix calls "The Last Auteur of Terrestrial Radio". Bob owns and is the sole programmer of four, listener supported, radio stations all of which play his carefully curated blend of American popular music from the 40s through the 80s.

- - -

Film Title: Rio Walta - Through My Street
Director: Piet Baumgartner
Run Time/Year/Country: 5 min, 2016, United States, MN Premiere
Synopsis: A couple of workers get ready for the usual routine. He fills a sandwich while she sings a song in front of the TV. But, once they arrive to their job site, their working day turns into an unexpected artistic event. A hypnotic combination of the kind of social realism straight out of

Mike Leigh’s films and a beautiful excavator choreography – with just a pinch of karaoke. Piet Baumgartner successfully and fluently translates from the human to the mechanical. “Through My Street” is a picture jittering with emotions you just can’t look away from.

- - -

Film Title: Music By The Pound
Director: Jerold Kress
Run Time/Year/Country: 45 min, 2016, United States, World Premiere
Synopsis: The story of Crown Records, a family-owned Los Angeles budget record label that produced everything from classic blues (like BB King & Elmore James) to classic schlock, 1948-1983.

- - -

Film Title: These Cocksucking Tears
Director: Dan Taberski
Run Time/Year/Country: 15 min, 2016, United States, Twin Cities Premiere
Synopsis: The man behind the first gay country album made in the early 1970’s, still performs. This documentary is about how it came about and his life before, during and after.