Bathtubs Over Broadway to replace Sonic Youth: 30 Years of Daydream Nation at festival next month

The Sound Unseen Film/Music/Art Festival (November 14-18) announced that Dava Whisenant’s BATHTUBS OVER BROADWAY will replace the film compilation presentation of SONIC YOUTH: 30 YEARS OF DAYDREAM NATION in next month’s film festival.

Sound Unseen Festival Director Jim Brunzell, said, “There are times when difficult situations present a greater opportunity for a film festival’s audience and that certainly applies in this case. As much as we looked forward to screening SONIC YOUTH: 30 YEARS OF DAYDREAM NATION and welcoming Mr. Bangs, those difficulties arose and we couldn’t agree on terms. On the other hand, we are thrilled bringing in Dava Whisenant’s BATHTUBS OVER BROADWAY, a film that has won awards and entertained and touched audiences at many film festivals since it debuted at Tribeca, where I saw the film. I happen to think audiences will fall in love with BATHTUBS OVER BROADWAY.”

The film follows the loving obsession of The Late Show with David Letterman comedy writer Steve Young with industrial musical stage productions and recordings from the 1950s-1970s. Young travels the country searching for records, video recordings, and meeting the “stars” and songwriters that performed and staged million dollar productions for companies and businesses that the public never witnessed, yet were staged on the level and with budgets that rivaled those of Broadway shows. As he uncovers a treasure trove of songs and oftentimes over-the-top performances that are all done in the service of insurance policies, burgers, and dog chow, Young meets people that are heroes to him and gets a chance to introduce a few of them to the larger audiences their talents deserved.

This past weekend, BATHTUBS OVER BROADWAY won the Jury Prize for Best Documentary at the Naples International Film Festival, and the Humor and Humanity Award at the Heartland International Film Festival in Indianapolis the week before. The awards haul for the popular film also includes Audience Awards from the Sidewalk Film Festival, Nantucket Film Festival, and the Hamptons International Film Festival. Other festivals honoring the film include the Nashville Film Festival, Traverse City Film Festival, the Vancouver International Film Festival, and Tribeca.

BATHTUBS OVER BROADWAY will screen Wednesday, November 14 at 7:00PM at the Trylon Cinema (2820 E. 33rd St, Minneapolis, MN 55406)